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. Birth of Alexander
(disregard the picture of
Australia...I am still
trying to find a stork
picture I may like... :)
Expecting Alexander - November 2007
Here I was coming out
of a doctor's office and
decided to pose for a
picture with my big belly
  On Nov. 22nd, the day
before the C-Section,
we visited Michelle's
babysitter Irene & Fam.
  We have practically
come to adopt Irene's
beautiful family.
  Here's Lisa, the oldest
of Irene's daughters
with husband Scott,
and baby Scott Jr.
Here's Johnny!!! :)
( Irene's husband )
  Irene, Johnny and younger
daugher Michelle. (Yes,
Irene also has a Michelle )
  Spending the last few
moments with Michelle
before leaving her at
  My mom took this

My mom insisted on
taking pictures of the
belly...I was not as
enthusiastic as she

  We left our Michelle at
Irene's. She had fallen
asleep...my little angel.

Birth of Alexander

Alexander was born on November 23rd, 2007, at 7:43am, weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 2o inches long.


This is at the Saint
Joseph's Women's
Hospital at 5am on
November 23rd.


Baby coming out...do
not click to enlarge if
you already feel butterflies
in your stomach.

  Ok...Baby is out!...he
is big and healthy.
Thank Goodness!!! :)
  Another pose.
Of couse, the little one
was mad the doctor
took him out.

The nurse wrapped him
up good...

  and gave him to me. ( You
can tell I did not feel a
thing! ...at least not then!
  I was so happy to see
he was okay....
  and then, he was taken
away for more routine
check ups....


The nurse showed him to
my mom one last time
before taking him away.

  My second little angel...   Finally!...together again.
I am now in the recovery
  Mommy and Daddy are
happy and Alex
is getting mommy's
antibodies. The tiny pirahna
latched on in no time at all..

This is Carmen, Vanessa's
mom, holding the baby.


Russ's parents sent
beautiful, big balloons
and flowers.

  I received gorgeous
flowers from Irene,
Dale, and my Pro Tech
Family as well. Thank
You so much guys!!!

I can't emphasize how
special I felt looking at
my flowers every day.


Here's Dale, Irene, my
mom Carmen and my

  Here's Irene's Michelle,
and her two handsome
boys Brian and Brandon.
  Michelle was VERY
excited...not about Alex,
but about the baloons.
  Here's my mom Carmen
with the baby. She is such
a happy grandma! :)

Welcoming Alexander Home


Some of us were more alert
than others.... :-D

  The house was ready...   Vanessa was and IS
too happy to be able
to move again.
  Thanks to Grandma
Carmen, Vanessa
is getting some sleep.



with Alexander


Alexander sleeping


Janet (Russ's mom)
with Alex


Proud Grandma of the
next male in line.


Grandma giving Alex some


This is my favorite picture.
My Christmas Present.


Here's mommy feeding


A second take.


Janet, Vanessa and


Janet and Michelle


Michelle with energy
I wish she could lend
to me.


Alexander in the portable


Alexander's Balloon


Michelle, Janet and Alex


Another take...


Grandpa and


Alexander, you look


Grandma Carmen with
Alex once again.


Grandma looking to
prepare another bottle


Laura, Russ's sister, with


Laura, and Russ's parents
helped put the new twin
bed for Michelle together
when they came to visit.

  Here's the bed....
Michelle was VERY
surprised. Since
then, she sleeps in
her own room with
no problems at all.

with Michelle in her
Halloween bumble bee

  Janet and Michelle. Michelle
loves the outfit even if it
is no longer Halloween.


  ...in Bumble bee heaven...   Michelle in her new bed.   Michelle with Grandpa Bill

Bill, Janet and Alex.